Black Stripe

Black Stripe Theater is a group of directors, actors, designers, and theater artists producing and performing English language theater in Tokyo. We are dedicated to presenting theater of a high standard using material by contemporary playwrights.  Our name comes from a line in Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter, spoken by the character Gus who is ruminating about the crockery:

‘He’s laid on some very nice crockery this time, I’ll say that. It’s sort of striped. There’s a white stripe. It’s very nice. I’ll say that. You know, sort of round the cup. Round the rim. All the rest of it’s black, you see. Then the saucer’s black, except for right in the middle, where the cup goes, where it’s white. Then the plates are the same, you see. Only they’ve got a black stripe – the plaes across the middle. Yes, I’m quite taken with the crockery.’

In 2017, our tenth anniversary, we launch Black Stripe Theater in education to specialize in bringing drama performances and workshops in English to schools and institutions in Tokyo.  We promote English Language theater in Tokyo and encourage young people to see theatre as a vehicle of learning and expression.

Company members include:

Chris Parham, Walter Roberts, Rachel Walzer, Sarajean Rossitto, Timothy Harris.