Cast and Director

Dealer’s Choice

Director- Chris Parham

Black Stripe Theater will present Patrick Marber’s debut play about men obsessed with gambling at Sangubashi Trance Mission Theater.

Dealer’s Choice, Patrick Marber ‘s first play, was originally performed at the Royal National Theater (Cottesloe) in London in February 1995 starring Ray Winston. It won both the 1995 Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy and the Writers’ Guild Award for Best West End Play. A hugely popular 2007  revival of the play at the Menier Chocolate Factory was transferred to the Trafalgar Studios and was nominated for several awards.

The play is set in a restaurant in London and follows the lives of six poker addicts, Carl, Sweeney, Ash, Frankie, Stephen and Mugsy. The action takes place over three acts and the third act is set around the poker table. The play is about fathers and sons and the emotional deficiencies of men addicted to playing poker.