A Christmas Carol

This wonderful adaption by Brandon Francis of this merry tale is set on the night before Christmas when Scrooge is forced to look closely within himself and ask if his life has been of value.  Our fast-paced, moving and joyous version has 4 actors portray over 20 of Dickens’ delightful characters.


Price List

Tokyo and surrounding area Prices
Performance (plus Q&A) 90,000yen
Performance (plus Q&A) and workshop 120,000yen
Outside of Kanto
Performance (plus Q&A) and workshop 230,000yen *Further charge may apply if accommodation is required.
Asian countries
Performance (plus Q&A) and workshop 450,000yen *Inclusive of flights, transportation and accomdation

Discounts * A discount of 15% is offered to schools booking two performances on the same day. * A discount of 10% is offered to schools booking two performances in the same year.


Other points

The performance is approximately 50-60 minutes in duration. We are very happy to cater to the needs of the school. Last year, one group requested that the play be performed within 50 minutes, the allocated time for the class, so we were able to reduce the performance time to fit their needs. As there are 4 actors in our group, it means that up to 4 workshops (approximately 50 minutes in duration) can be lead at the same time, though we ask that you try to limit each workshop group to about 20 members. The play is very mobile which means it can be performed in different kinds of spaces. Last year, we performed in classrooms, halls, a 1000-seat theater, and gymnasiums. With very limited opportunities to bring live theater to your students, this is a great opportunity we hope you are able to take up!