DRAMA Workshop Black Stripe Theatre


To explore voice and body through drama.

To build up team work and creative skills.

To gain a better understanding of drama.

To support and advance individual skills and talents and encourage success.

Intro (approx 10 mins)

  • Explain purpose of the workshop and what is required in terms of behaviour and commitment.
  • Share information about the process of the workshop.

Warm-up & Team Building Games (approx 20 mins)

  • Brief physical and vocal limber – explain why it’s important to warm-up and focus before any exercise or performance.
  • Drama Games to focus, relax and energise.

Filling the Space – Vocal and Physical awareness (approx 15 mins)

  • Explore vocal range: clarity, pitch, pace, volume, accent, & intention.

Sharing of work – Short extracts for performances (approx 35 mins)

  • Break into small groups. Each group shares a short section of improvised or scripted work.

Feedback and Advice (approx. 10 mins)

    • Hear feedback from the group on what their observations & discoveries.
  • Finish with a group focus exercise